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Date:January 06, 2012


Due to the high rate of HIV/ AIDS other illness prevalent in sub – Saharan Africa countries, there are large of numbers of children left orphaned in Tanzania. At Mirerani there are many children who have been abandoned by their parents, as they are unable to provide food, clothes, shelter and education for them.

Due to the family oriented culture in Tanzania the abandoned and orphaned children tend to be taken to extended family to be employed. Especially little girls who are working as house girls with no payments. However these children put a considerable strain on the families who take them in and they are often sent to orphanages for certain hours of the day to receive education, interaction and food. The children do not usually live at these orphanages but are only there for few hours each day.

Volunteers on this project are required to teach children Basic English and Mathematics. In addition to teaching volunteers are required to assist with the general running of the orphanage and daily chores. Volunteer’s tasks include teaching, cooking, cleaning, caring for children and babies and assisting with feeding programs.

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