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Volunteer Program


The minimum Volunteering stays in Tanzania start from one month to a maximum of three months.

You will enter the country and purchase a business visa on arrival. The price for business visa is 250 USD (from USA and Ireland price is 300 USD). For the Volunteer who wants to stays in Tanzania more than three months will contact us for more information about Tanzanian resident permit.

Volunteers should contact us for the first time latest about 1 month before coming to Tanzania. People coming to do internship or teacher exchange should contact us for the first time in the latest 2 months before coming to Tanzania. Send us your CV and Letter of Motivation, both in English. Tell  in short about yourself, about your studies/education, about your previous work experience on that field and also if you have done some previous internships at the field. In the Letter of Motivation, you should also mention the dates and the length of the internship/volunteering period.


You should prepare yourself for a culture perhaps very different from what you are used to. There are often power cuts and problems with the Internet. The practices at your workplace may also differ from the ones in western countries and things are not always done the way you may be used to. The best way to cope with the differences is to come with an open mind. When you respect local habits and customs you get into Tanzanian culture and lifestyle that you are coming to experience. For example, by dressing properly (knees and shoulders covered) you show how you respect local religions. Remember that you are coming to visit and learn local culture and life, not coming to bring your own habits.

When you come with an open mind, when you ask when you wonder and when you look around you will get an unforgettable experience from Tanzania and from Tanzanian culture.


At BTVCL we offer very affordable programs fees with high-quality services and level of transparency to all our volunteers and items. The program fees cover the cost of decent homestay accommodation, meals, airport pick-up orientation and in-country program support during your entire volunteer stay. Our program fees are determined according to the length of the stay.


1 week 2 weeks 3 weeks 4 weeks 5 weeks 6 weeks 7 weeks 8 weeks 9 weeks 10 weeks 11 weeks 12 weeks
USD 165 $ 330 $ 495 $ 660 $ 825 $ 990 $ 1,155 $ 1,320 $ 1,485 $ 1,650 $ 1,815 $ 1,980
13 weeks 14 weeks 15 weeks 16 weeks 17 weeks 18 weeks 19 weeks 20 weeks 21 weeks 22 week 23 week 24 week
$ 2,145 $ 2,310 $ 2,475 $ 2,640 $ 2,805 $ 2,970 $ 3,135 $ 3300 $ 3,465 $ 3,630 $ 3,795 $ 3,960
25 weeks 26 weeks 27 weeks 28 weeks 29 weeks 30 weeks 31 weeks 32 weeks 33 weeks 34 weeks 35 weeks 36 weeks
$ 4,125 $ 4,290 $ 4,455 $ 4,620 $ 4,785 $ 4,950 $ 5,115 $ 5,280  $ 5,445 $ 5,610 $ 5,775 $ 5,940
37 weeks 38 weeks 39 weeks 40 weeks 41 weeks 42 weeks 43 weeks 44 weeks 45 weeks 46 weeks 47 weeks 48 weeks
$ 6,105 $ 6,270 $ 6,435 $ 6,600 $ 6,765 $ 6,930 $ 7,095 $ 7,260 $ 7,425 $ 7,590 $ 7,755 $ 7,920


  • Personal pre-­arrival support and advice
  • Paperwork and contract making
  • Airport transportation (Two ways)
  • Accommodation
  • 3 meals a day
  • 3 days Swahili language training and orientation about Mirerani town and Swahili culture
  • Possibility to continue Swahili language training during the whole trip
  • A local pre-paid sim card for your use while you stay with Tanzania Volunteers.
  • Daily one-way transportation to the placements
  • 24/7 personal support and guidance from BLUETANZANITE-workers
  • Free Internet in the house for the whole trip

At BTVCL Our primary goal is to cater to the needs and ensure the hospitable welfare of all volunteers. Program fee paid covers the listed above.


Volunteers will meet with our program coordinator at Kilimanjaro airport (KIA) upon arrival after which you will be transferred to your host family at Mirerani after being picked up from airport


  • Book your flights to Kilimanjaro international airport
  • Get malaria prophylaxis
  • Get all the following vaccinations: A and B hepatitis, Yellow Fever, Cholera, Typhoid Fever and Tetanus.
  • Make sure also that your MMR vaccination is still valid.
  • Go through medical check­up to avoid any unpleasant surprises. You will get good medical health care in Tanzania during your trip if needed.
  • Inform us about all your medications, chronic illnesses, sicknesses, allergies or other limitation or precautions
  • Get appropriate travel insurance
  • Make sure your passport is valid 6 months after your trip
  • Go through our websites for more information and contact us if you have any questions
  • Inform us about any special diets


  • All your personal medication and medical prescription
  • Insect repellent (can also be bought from Moshi)
  • Stomach medicines for both diarrhoea and constipation
  • Suncream
  • Hat to protect you from the sun and also clothes with long sleeves and long trousers to protect against mosquitoes
  • Comfortable shoes and during the rainy season, shoes that can be used in mud
  • Take a mobile phone with you. If possible you can take some old one which you don’t use anymore at home. Bluetanzanite gives you a local phone connection for free to use during your trip.
  • Flashlight or headlight
  • Check the requirements of dressing in your placement from your placement´s presentation.
  • AC power plugs and sockets used in Tanzania are British type G, BS 1363 and the voltage is 220­240 volts. If your electric devices don’t fit to this kind of plugs you will need to take an adapter with you.


  • All the most common medicines e.g painkillers, plasters etc. are available for purchase in Tanzania
  • Products such as shampoos, lotions, toothpaste, laundry powder can also be bought in Tanzania
  • Bed sheets, mosquito nets and towels are included in all the rooms

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