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Help Orphans Education in Tanzania

This is Juma Masanja who is Orphan living with his grandmother. Juma is studying free in Bluetanzanite English Medium pre and Primary school. Our Volunteers Sebastian and Gayoso donated food to help Juma.


Due to the high rate of HIV/ AIDS other illness prevalent in sub – Saharan Africa countries, there are large numbers of children left orphaned in Tanzania. At Mirerani there are many children who have been abandoned by their parents, as they are unable to provide food, clothes, shelter and education for them.

Due to the family oriented culture in Tanzania, the abandoned and orphaned children tend to be taken to extended family to be employed. Especially little girls who are working as house girls with no payments. However, these children put a considerable strain on the families who take them as the guardian. Blue Tanzanite  Volunteer Charity Limited normally make normal research to the society to Identify the orphaned children or the abandoned children.

The Blue Tanzanite staff provide normal advice to the family that orphaned are living so that they can live with her/him as one of their children. Bluetanzanite organisation normally provide exercise books, school uniforms, pen or pencil then take the orphaned /abandoned child to school.

For those little girls who are working as a house girl, Bluetanzanite pieces of advice the family that the lady is working as a house made to take her to Vocational training.

Volunteers on this project are required to teach children Basic English and Mathematics. In addition to teaching, volunteers are required to assist the family where the orphaned child is living by providing food, clothes and school requirement to the said child. Volunteer in this project will conduct research in the society to Identify more abandoned /orphaned children and conduct training to the family about how to live with orphans in their family.

NOTE: The Bluetanzanite Volunteer Charity Limited is not running orphanage house or any house that orphans are living together. The only thing that the organisation doing to the orphans is to provide quality education by sending them to school and assist them with school equipment.   Some of the orphans can be taken to the boarding schools for more studies if there is no proper care from the family.

This is Clementina  Alex ,she is an Orphan .She was born on 2/1/2013 her mother died  on 5/1/2014 and her father died in 2015.After the death of her parents she was living with her grandmother and her Aunt but in bad luck her grandmother died and left her with  Aunt who is HIV affected. Her Aunt become more drunkard  and she can not menage to take care of her, so she is living with one of pastor as part of family.Clementina is studing in Bluetanzanite English Medium School free.

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