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Community development

Community development is a fantastic opportunity to live in the heart of the Tanzanian village and be part of the life-changing development work. The project seeks to empower people by providing the skill and awareness that they need to make a difference in their local communities.

As community development volunteer you will help improve and support sustainable development initiative for community growth, focusing on areas as education youth development woman empowerment, micro – enterprise, construction, sanitation and agriculture.

Volunteers act as catalysts for change by working alongside the local people to utilise local resources provide them with education and skills they need to uplift themselves from poverty and be self-sufficient. You will also conduct lesson in for women’s empowerment while working with youths in communities on project that promotes personal hygiene, health education, environment awareness supporting and recreational activities

Volunteers willing to do some physical work will assist in the construction work for a local school and the school under BTVOCL,help in renovation and painting .if you are a computer literate or and it expect and wish to put your experience to good use, you will assist the local community to capitalize on technologies by teaching computer and multimedia skills and date processing .you will also facility a training workshop to help promote ideas on development activities by using the computer.

Volunteers with education and experience in agriculture can also write small – scale farmers and families to increase food security production and adapt to climate change while promoting environment conservation practices.

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