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Construction and renovation


Blue tanzanite volunteer charity limited (BTVCL) enable international volunteers to work alongside local people to support buildings new structures for community use renovating existing community buildings and improving local infrastructure. Our construction and building volunteers project are offer was undertaken to support the development goals of schools buildings, School dormitories and women community centres and recreational facilities where BTVCL volunteers work the renovation or construction volunteers work will vary depending on your location the unique community needs and the different stages of construction work.

You can choose to volunteer for durations ranging from 1 week to 24 weeks and if you are supporting longer-term building projects you will have the opportunity to continue the construction work of revision volunteers.

You do not require any previous experience or qualification to participate on one of BTVLS construction and renovation project as you will be supported and lead by a skilled member of the local team strong work ethic and enthusing for a rewarding opportunity for volunteers who like to see the physical results of their work.




Organise a book drive to collect reading, drawing, text and storybooks of all kinds according to the curriculum of Tanzania Donate to benefit children in Tanzania.

You can donate Educational materials like pencil, English language storybooks, exercise book, commuters and more that can help children at the pre and primary levels.

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