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HIV/AIDS Program

Despite major progress HIV/ AIDS remains one of Tanzanians biggest health challenges. Most of the areas affected much are rural areas, mining areas like Mirerani whereby the HIV/ AIDS rate is growing rapidly. Adults and children across the country are infected with HIV. On top of this more than half of Tanzanians living with HIV do not know their HIV status. This puts health workers in Tanzania under great pressure and volunteers in this program will take part in their efforts to mount an effective response in meeting the needs of target communities.

You will be able to:-

  1. You will work on outreach program which visits the mining areas/ shafts around Mirerani with the purpose of providing basic medical care and delivering vital supplies of medicine and food.
  2. Participate in schemes, put in a place to educate local communities, schools and individuals about HIV/ AIDS and promote access to medical care.
  3. Provide emotional support to those suffering from HIV/ AIDS and through cancelling and therapy sessions.
  4. You will attend patients who are locked inside of their houses because of poverty and help them with all kind of support.

As with all our volunteer programs in Tanzania, you will dedicate one day a week to one of our outreach programs HIV/ AIDS

This means you will get to see some of our other projects such as the widow group, orphanages and medical programs. This is the best way for us to make sure that our work is sustainable in a long time.

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