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Date:January 06, 2012


Education is the most BLUE TANZANITE VOLUNTEER CHARITY LIMITED main value: We are extremely passionate about work we do with school in Mirerani and around Simanjiro District in Manyara region in Tanzania.In Tanzania governments primary and secondary school the Tanzania government provide free education to all pupils but the big challenge to parents is the provision of food for lunch to the pupils.

In private school at Mirerani, Simanjiro in Manyara and all over Tanzania prevents do pay school fees to primary to secondary school. The private school the private school is the leading school in the national examination in each year in Tanzania

Most of the students at these school often come from harsh social – economic background and some of them are orphans street children /abandoned children, That’s why we need volunteers like you to help our school, teachers and teachers and enable this child to reach their full potential.


Volunteer on the teaching program in Tanzania work in English medium school, government school or orphanage schools, where the presence of volunteer is beneficial in opening the minds and broadening the horizons of the children along the with exposing them to native spoken English.

Children in Tanzania love to attend school often stating 3yea old and wherever possible children hope to stay in school until at least 14 years old as education is highly in Tanzania society.

Teaching volunteers will work by themselves or alongside the local teacher and other volunteers, volunteers will teach subjects such as  Mathematics, English, Science, Social studies ( Geography and History), Music, Art and Physical education and sport.



There are a number of ways to make a donation

  1. Claques ( made payable to Blue Tanzanite volunteer  charity limited )

Claques can be written for sponsoring a child, either through one claque provided for the entire year, equally proportioned by the charity for each term or postdated claques for the year with drawn each term .the school term starts on January to June first term and the second term starts from July to December.



Every child deserves Education, with your help we can increase children’s access to equitable and quantity Education at BTVCL we believe that every child has the right to be educated. Education transforms lives and increases opportunities for sustainable development and economic growth.

About 60% of children at the age of 3 to 17 years in the Masai rural area do not attend school due to poverty. Over 40% of children living in rural area in Tanzania communities are ending to primary level education due to families’ poverty. These children are at greater risk for exploitation by becoming victims of child labour in the mine. Early marriage and lower income earning potential.


  1. CASH: You can make cash donations by either bringing it directly to our Charity during your volunteering trip.

Please do not mail cash.

  1. Bank: Note please notify us upon deposit and provide a bank receipt in order to determine the donor and be able to issue a tax receipt.

You can make a donation through bank transfer of the following account

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